People with eczema or dry skin often struggle with itchiness which leads to scratching. This itch-scratch cycle will possibly cause infection or worsen skin conditions – bleeding, skin irritation. Severe itchiness may affect people’s quality of life as sleep or work is disrupted due to the discomfort. Our REMDII® Care Anti-Itch Series aim to give an instant itch relief for eczema or dry skin customers. So that customers can have a better quality of life.

REMDII® Care Anti-Itch Series


REMDII® Care Caring Baby Balm and REMDII® Care Cooling Snow Cream are designed to relieve itch effectively using natural-inspired ingredient actives without involving the use of steroids and harsh ingredients (paraben-, steroid- and fragrance-free). Both of them are suitable to use on dry and delicate sensitive skin and manage itchiness issue associated with atopic dermatitis.

What is the Itch-Scratch cycle?

The biggest struggle for people with troubled skin is falling into the Itch-Scratch cycle.

Dry skin → Itchiness → Scratching → Irritation → More itchiness – The cycle never stops!