Malaysia Eczema Support Community (MESC) is formed by a group of researchers who have eczema themselves or loved ones with eczema. Frustrated with the fact that there were no local eczema support groups that provide right information and protocols based on science, these group of researchers started their own support group. In less than a year, MESC has grown and flourished.

“Knowledge is POWER”

Key to Educating and Raising Awareness on Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)


MESC is a facebook-based platform that has three main objectives. First is to provide science/medical based information, advice and current guidelines on managing eczema; secondly, to provide support, post enquiries and share thoughts among members and thirdly, to raise awareness of the needs of those with eczema with members of the public. Currently, MESC is probably the only  eczema support group in Malaysia that is backed by dermatologists, immunologist/allergist and medical and health professionals.

In MESC, we believe that “Knowledge is power” and it is key to educating and raising awareness on atopic dermatitis (eczema) to members of the public.  MESC has conducted forums, CSR programs and produced information videos aimed at teaching the members the proper protocols and steps for different eczema management conditions. There are also periodic articles/posts  based on scientific publications and research written by the Medical Advisors of MESC to provide correct information to anyone affected by eczema.


Learning to manage your eczema or your loved one or child’s is an important aspect  of coping and living with the condition. It is often helpful to meet other people who are in a similar position as they can offer support through personal experience together with practical help and tips. MESC provides access through CSR programs and “Ask the Expert” forums arranged where members are able to network and meet with the Administrators of MESC as well as the Medical Advisors.

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