The anti-inflammatory bioactives are carefully bioengineered to penetrate the skin layers easily and reside at just the right position at the dermis layer to reduce inflammation.


We have the patented technology to stabilize the heat and light sensitive bioactives so that they remain biologically active to protect and repair the skin.


The bioactive mixture in the form of oil-in water emulsion is incorporated into a carefully constructed emollient base; so that when it is applied onto skin, the bioactives hydrate and repair the skin tissues within, while at the same time provides a protective layer on top of the skin.

No False Claim

Every Single Claims and
Findings were Carefully Investigated

Combination of Anti-microbial and Anti-oxidants

Our granted patent (MY 158177-A) also shows that our patented formulation has anti-microbial properties towards Propionibacterium acnes, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and a few other strains.

Careful Testing

Our patented formulation has also passed our stringent egg embryo test for allergenicity and 3 months microbe challenge and stability tests. We are also investigating the transformation that occurs at cellular level with an in vitrocell lines study on the anti-inflammatory pathway. An ethics approval application with Malaysian Ministry of Health for a randomized, comparative double blinded human clinical trial is being planned. Our preliminary trial data among our volunteers showed that our patented formulation managed to reduce itchiness, flakiness and intensively repaired very dry skin (dermatitis) conditions.

Size Does Matter

We studied the nature of the ingredient carefully and only suitable ingredients are selected for bioprocessing processes.


The bioactive ingredients in our formulation are specially engineered to be dynamically acting on troubled skin.

We go deeper than our competitions! The bioactives that successfully penetrated the dermis layer will start acting synergistically to protect and repair the skin.

We Believe in the Transformational
Power of Natural Ingredients

We believe in simpler is better. That’s why we strive the best to find the most suitable ingredients as the solution for problematic skin. See what makes us different.

Tocotrienol : 60 times more powerful than Tocopherol

On a molecular level, tocopherols and tocotrienols differ because of their lipid-soluble tails. Tocopherol has a longer saturated phytyl tail, embedding it in cell membranes and causing it to be less mobile. Tocotrienol, on the other hand, has a shorter unsaturated (three double bonds) farnesyl tail that increases its mobility in cell membranes. The increased mobility of tocotrienols allows them to move around more and cover a larger area of the membrane. Because of this, tocotrienol was found to be 60 times more potent of an antioxidant than tocopherol (Serbinova, Kagan, Han, & Packer, 1991). In other words, it can quench free radicals produced in the skin layer 60 times more efficient than tocopherol.

Right Ratio with Advanced Technology


The source of our vitamin E in Remdii Sensitive contains about 75% tocotrienol and 25% tocopherol, making it a superior antioxidant formulation. The formulation is designed to be a non-greasy moisturizer for daily use. We make sure user has a refreshing and non-sticky skin feeling throughout the day even during the hot season.

“This was an important breakthrough.”

Imagine that – Oil That Is Water Soluble