Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Remdii cream?

Remdii is a non-medicated, non-steroidal smart moisturizer that helps to MOISTURISE and REPAIR skin using natural sources of vitamins.

Q2: What are the bioactive ingredients/ vitamins in Remdii that help to repair the skin?

The main bioactive ingredients in Remdii is Vitamin E, Pro-vitamin A and vitamin C.

Q3: What are the differences between Remdii’s vitamins with other products in the market?

Remdii is   research driven patented technology and  FIRST in the market to deliver:

I) Full spectrum vitamin E

(Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta TOCOPHEROL & Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta TOCOTRIENOL).

II) 60x more potent vitamin E, specifically Tocotrienol.

Remdii also has Vitamin C that provides FOUR Times SYNERGISTIC effect on antioxidant activity of Vit E.

Q4: What is the technology involved in Remdii that makes it a stand out and not a me-too sensitive skin moisturizer?

1. The technology of delivering just the right quantity of actives to exert its biological activity at the cellular level.

2. Enhanced penetration system that allows the bioactive ingredients to reduce inflammation and inducerepair of the skin at the dermis layer (where the inflammation occurs)

3.The technology that stabilizes the heat and light sensitive Vitamin E.Q5: What is the full range of Remdii products?

Q5: What is the full range of Remdii products?

  • Remdii Calming Body Wash (250ml),
  • Remdii Gentle Hair Shampoo (250ml),
  • Remdii Lip Care (30g),
  • Remdii Sun block(15g),
  • Remdii Resurging Face Serum (30ml).
  • Remdii anti-itch Creams (Coming Soon).

Q6: What is the difference between Remdii Sensitive and Remdii Ultra Sensitive?

Remdii Sensitive and Remdii Ultra Sensitive are both MOISTURISING and REPAIRING creams having similar bioactive ingredients. However, Remdii Ultra Sensitive is a more premium formulation with additional  skin mimic ceramides, argan oil and shea butter as the base.

Q7: Can I use Remdii together with other medications e.g antibiotic, steroid, antifungal creams?

Yes. It is advisable to treat any infection issues first before using Remdii to repair the skin. First apply the antifungal cream/ antibiotic/steroidcreams, followed by Remdii after 10 minutes.

Q1: Who can use Remdii products?

Remdii is a smart moisturizer safe for all ages ranging from toddlers to elderly. It is a non-medicated smart moisturizer.

Q2: G6PD kids can apply Remdii?

Yes. Remdii is safe for G6PD kids.

Q3: Who can I refer to if I have Remdii related questions?

Feel free to join our Facebook-based Malaysia Eczema Support Community (MESC) and Website ( for more information about eczema management and product knowledge. We have scientists and dermatologists on board to answer your questions.

Q1: How Remdii works for sensitive skin? due to scratching?

As per our Remdii tagline ‘Reviving your natural shield’ ,Remdii is carefully bioengineered to revive your own natural skin shield without harmful chemicals.

Remdii’s approach is ‘Repair’ and ‘Maintain’ compared to long term symptomatic moisturizing management.

Moisturizing a disrupted skin is important, however, it is a symptomatic approach when the skin needs more than just moisturizing.

Inflammation in dermis layer is one of the factors causing  sensitive skin to be inflamed..    Remdii has moisturizing properties together with targeted delivery system to deliver vitamins to your dermis skin layer and repair your skin from within. A breakthrough in research that will eliminate  your sufferings.

Q2: How often to apply Remdii?

It is advisable to apply as frequent as every 2 hours when very inflamed to or at least twice daily after shower. This is because disrupted skin gets dry faster than normal skin and initial stages of moisturizing is very crucial. Once the skin is hydrated the application frequency can be reduced accordingly.

Q3: How to use Remdii when my baby’s skin is weeping/ bleeding due to scratching?

It is important to remember that when the skin is dry, make it wet (by moisturizing) and when the skin is wet, make it dry by dabbing it gently using normal saline solution (0.9% NaCl). Once the skin is dry and crusty, proceed to moisturize frequently with Remdii creams.

Q4: How to choose between Remdii Sensitive and Remdii Ultra Sensitive?

Generally, Remdii Sensitive can be used for all ages.

However, for baby (gentle skin) and elderly (drier skin), Remdii Ultra Sensitive with barrier repair properties can be used.

Q5 : Can I use Remdii after my skin is getter better?

Yes. Definitely. It is safe to use Remdii after the skin is better as maintenance plays a very important role in eczema management as well to prevent the Atopic March phenomenon on eczema.

Q6: I am not having sensitive skin, but having dry skin in air conditioned room. Can I use Remdii?

Yes. Definitely. Remdii is your choice of a best vitamin moisturizer for your skin. Remdii works wonders on your skin when you travel to temperate countries during the cold, harsh winters as well. Give it a try today!

Q1 : Where can I get Remdii products?

Please refer to our official website ( for nearest stores (Clinics and Pharmacies) or contact our sales personnel Ms Tan at +6017 331 9765.