The GO-TO gentle cleanser your skin needs!

REMDII® Care Moisturising Cleanser is a gentle yet effective cleanser that removes dirt, makeup and other impurities while leaving skin feeling soothed, soft and moisturised.

YOUR GO-TO CLEANSER – with 5 great benefits!

1. pH 5.5 – a pH that reinforces acid mantle of skin

2. Non-stripping or drying – skin will not feel tight or dry after wash

3. Ideal for dry, tight and sensitive skin – a gentle formulation perfect for those with delicate skin

4. Suitable for all skin types – formulation mild enough to be used on babies

5. Soft, silky, smooth afterfeel – leaves your skin feeling moisturised and comfortable


REMDII® Care Moisturising Cleanser has a gentle formulation that adjusts to skin’s healthy pH while offering a soft, silky smooth afterfeel. Formulated without harsh or harmful ingredients, packed nourishing ingredients that cleanses effectively while leaving your skin hydrated! Perfect and ideal for tight, dry and sensitive skin.


What’s in REMDII® Care Moisturising Cleanser?

  • Fermented sugar-derived actives: leaves a thin sugar film on our skin to capture water molecules so that our skin will not be dry! It also rebuilds our natural skin barrier.
  • Oat-inspired actives: soothes and calms skin and has antioxidant activity.
  • Vitamin E: provide extra moisturisation to skin.


REMDII® Care Moisturising Cleanser is an ALL-IN-ONE cleanser! Suitable for various occasion and everyone to use!


  • Use with water – gently cleanse your skin and rinse.
  • Use without water – gently cleanse your skin and remove excess with a soft cloth leaving an adhesive film on the skin


Choosing the right cleanser is more important than you think. So, get your skin’s new best friend now!