The differences between

REMDII® Care Caring Baby Balm and REMDII® Care Cooling Snow Cream

REMDII® Care Caring Baby Balm REMDII® Care Cooling Snow Cream
Product texture Smooth jelly Cream texture
Main functions – Stop itchiness effectively: reduce itchiness by 65% in 2 weeks.


– Mild formulation: perfect for babies, facial area and sensitive skin.


– Perfect combo with REMDII® Sensitive Series : acts as a ‘protective seal’ to skin prior to moisturizer application to ensure optimum moisture absorption.

– Instant itch relief:  reduction of 50% itchiness upon first single application.


– Encapsulated menthol: cooling sensation.


– Long lasting refreshing effect: more than 10 minutes due to timed release technology.

Main ingredients and technology  – Oat inspired ingredients

– Natural α-bisabolol

– Encapsulated menthol

– Timed release technology

Suitable for –  Babies

–  Facial Area

–  Sensitive Skin

–  Adults


– Everyone above 2 years of age



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