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REMDII® Sensitive Scalp Repair Spray 30ml


A non-oily and lightweight moisturising spray to soothe dry, itchy and flaky scalp without leaving your hair greasy and flat. Formulated with botanical actives and vitamin E. Offers instant moisturisation by calming the redness and reducing the scalp oiliness and flaking in 2 weeks’ time. The addition of skin identical actives binds to the skin layer perfectly, trapping in moisture and protects the skin against dehydration.

✔  Botanical actives to soothe itchy and flaky scalp
✔  Vitamin E to moisturise dry scalp
✔  Mild formulation
✔  Paraben-, fragrance-, colourant- free
✔  Suitable for use under hijabs
✔  Clinically proven to reduce scalp oiliness by 48% and scalp flaking by 39% in 2 weeks



1. Effective botanical active ingredients paired with innovative mechanism
Reduce dandruff, flaking, redness, itchiness and oiliness.

2. Enriched with Vitamin E
Provides instant moisturisation to balance and repair damaged scalp.

3. Lightweight, gentle and non-oily spray
Formulation suitable for delicate baby’s scalp, adults, under hijabs. It will not leave hair greasy or flat, can be used on dry, sensitive, normal, oily or flaky scalp.

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