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REMDII® Ultra Sensitive Intensive Barrier Repair Cream 150ml


A nourishing rich texture intensive moisturizing cream that provides deep skin moisturized, makes it ideal for intensive and long-lasting skin hydration.

✔ Recommended for dry to very dry skin and face
✔ Rich nourishing texture
✔ Shea butter & Argan oil as base
✔ Repair skin barrier effectively
✔ Contains Skin Mimic Ceramide

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  1. Strengthen the skin moisture barrier with skin mimic technology ceramide complex in 3:1:1 ratio

Restores the damaged skin barrier while locking in moisture for a healthier and firmer skin

  1. Formulated with a full spectrum of tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E)

Delivering an effective mix of the anti-oxidant ampoule to your skin, which naturally exists in palm oil to keep your skin healthy to restore despaired skin conditions.

  1. Shea butter-based cream

Nourishing rich texture coats the skin with a firm hydrating layer, which instantly improves the oil-water balance of your skin and moisturized longer.

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497 in stock

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