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REMDII® Aurora Gentle Protection Revitalising Life Essence Mist 100ml


In collaboration with Aurora Health – Gentle Protection Series [www.aurorahealth.co]

A pH-balanced formulation that refreshes and revitalises skin in an instant and packed with Advanced Silver (Ag) Actives for extra bacterial protection. This toner can be used anytime of the day and anywhere to give you the instant boost your skin needs!

✔ Protection for sensitive skin
✔ Gentle formulation
✔ Advanced Silver (Ag) Actives giving bacterial protection
✔ Tangerine Peel Extract improves skin clarity 28% in 4 weeks
✔ Reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) by 20% in 4 weeks
✔ Suitable to be used anywhere and anytime of the day



1. Instantly boost your skin, revitalizes and refreshes
Use when skin feeling tired or dull throughout the day to get that instant boost for your skin.

2. Bacterial protection
Packed with Advanced Silver (Ag) Actives to provide extra bacterial protection for skin.

3. Clarifies and tones skin at the same time
Balances and moisturises skin back to normal ph while clarifies skin overtime.

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