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REMDII® Aurora Gentle Protection Facial Cleanser 60ml


In collaboration with Aurora Health – Gentle Protection Series [www.aurorahealth.co]

A mild and pH 5.5 formulation that thoroughly cleanses skin and packed with Advanced Silver (Ag) Actives for daily bacterial protection. Leaves skin feeling clean, protected and balanced!

✔ Protection for sensitive skin
✔ Gentle formulation
✔ Advanced Silver (Ag) Actives eliminates 99.99% of germs effectively
✔ Green vitamin C and vitamin E microbeads for optimum skin health
✔ Skin identical actives reduces skin irritation by 12% in 2 hours
✔ Mild and pH 5.5 formulation
✔ Soap-, parabens-, sulphate- free



1. Bacterial protection
Packed with Advanced Silver (Ag) Actives eliminates 99.99% of germs effectively without harsh and harmful effects to sensitive skin.

2. Improves skin health 
Balances skin moisture and reduces skin irritation for optimum skin health.

3. Soap-, parabens-, sulphate- free
Gentle formulation to cleanse sensitive and delicate skin gently without stripping skin off while keeping it hydrated.

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