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OLI THE RABBIT: Eczema Stories Collection


Eczema often occurs in children. It can be frustrating for both the child and the parents; the child might have a hard time understanding their condition.

Dr Kartini Farah Rahim is a Consultant Dermatologist from Avisena Specialist Hospital and Columbia Asia Cheras. REMDII® have collaborated with Dr. Kartini to create a children’s picture storybook about the journey of a child bunny named Oli dealing with eczema.

This storybook helps children to understand how to deal with and overcome social, mental and physical challenges in having eczema. It is filled with eye-catching illustrations along with entertaining stories written by Dr. Kartini herself.




Part 1: The discovery of itchy rash

Part 2: The revelation: Storytelling at school

Part 3: The forbidden birthday cake

Part 4: The day Oli won two battles

Part 5: Oli went the extra mile and gained great joy



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