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Aurora Health Silver Skin Spray Refill 90ml


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Aurora Silver Skin Spray is a versatile antimicrobial multipurpose spray made from 99.99% pure silver in ultra-pure water.

It is 100% NATURAL – provides SAFE antimicrobial and immune system support with the following characteristics:

✔ Made from 99.99% pure silver
✔ Safe low concentration of 10 ppm (parts-per-million)
✔Smallest average particle size: 5-50 nm (nanometers)
✔Highly effective Nanosize Silver particles in Ultra Pure Water
✔Kills bacteria within 1 minute
✔Ultra-pure water other than silver particles
✔ Crystal clear
✔ Non-toxic and stable
✔ Tasteless
✔ Pain-free
✔ Light and Easy to Carry – Versatile Multipurpose Spray.



Laboratory Tested that is Virtually Tasteless, Non-toxic, and Stable.

Usages of Aurora Silver Multipurpose Skin Spray:

  • Skin wound healing: quickly heals cuts, scars, blisters, abrasion, pus wounds, diabetic wounds, acne
  • Non-alcoholic hand sanitizer: Kills 99.99% bacteria and virus without harshness
  • Surface sanitizer: plastic, Metal, Wood surfaces or any surface skin get in touch with.
  • Mouth ulcers: safe and tasteless to be used inside mouth to heal ulcers by killing bacteria
  • Deodorant: Reduces odor and unpleasant smell (clothes, body parts, and pets)

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