Our History

Started in a laboratory of Institute of Bioscience, Universiti Putra Malaysia, a group of researchers with Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Food Technology/Science background collaborated with experts from the private industries to form Lipidware Sdn Bhd.

The primary objective of the group is to develop functional and evidence based products using intellectual properties and proprietary biotechnology techniques. Today, we are proud to have a portfolio of 5 commercialized products both well accepted by the clinical/beauty skincare industry.


Lipidware Sdn Bhd was granted 2 patents which are now being filed worldwide.
We are also a multiple award company with strings of awards as below :

  • Winner of INPEX award 2017
  • Gold Medalist for ITEX 2017
  • Winner of “Commercialization Success Story” PECIPTA 2017

Our Team

Dr. Nicholas Khong
Dr. Nicholas Khong
Head of Research & Development
Dr. Wee-Ting Lai
Dr. Wee-Ting Lai
Head of Project
Min-Min Leow
Min-Min Leow
Head of Finance & Operation
Prof. Dr. Oi-Ming Lai
Prof. Dr. Oi-Ming Lai
Chief Scientist

Our Story

Lipidware Sdn Bhd specializes in lipid technology and natural functional ingredients with the core interest to keep abreast with current trends to accommodate the commercial needs in food, cosmeceutical and skincare industry. Having a solid background in Biotechnology, Food Technology and Herbs, the team is able to develop international standard products for various such industries.

The company is a heavy weight when it comes to Intellectual Properties and Proprietary Techniques of Production but manufactures using an asset light approach through reputable companies that in the vicinity of Klang Valley. This allows Lipidware to concentrate on the high-value added products without the burden of expensive infrastructure.

Lipidware comprise of 2 Business Units:

  • House Brand Production and
  • Original Design Manufacturing

The first BU focuses on development of House Branded niche skincare and other proprietary formulations for cosmetic, medical and food industries.

Among our recognized House Brands presently are:

  • Remdii for Clinical Skincare
  • Remedii for Beauty Skincare

These products could be found in clinics all over Malaysia and are also well distributed through the website by our own stockists.


The second BU focuses on designing and delivering customized unique solutions to the Cosmeceutical, Medical and Food Industries.

We are already working very closely with some prominent brands such as NHF, Dr Norman and Fermetec.